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Olympia Provisions: The Home of the Best Gourmet Meats Gourmet recipes are made by knowledgeable and highly skilled individuals with refined taste, using high-quality ingredients, and special food preparation. Our expertise is producing gourmet meat products that are used in making gourmet recipes, and we are proud of how we started. It all started with the inspiration of a salumist who grew up as first generation Greek-American who has a father who made a home charcuterie. His journey across Europe enabled him to work with the kitchens of masters, and there he discovered the art of curing meat, which served as his inspiration to apply the same meat treatment method back in the mountain towns and markets of his old place. This famous salumnist went back in his beautiful place, Portland, Oregon, who set out an expert approach and craft of charcuterie with patience, hard work and purity, creating a modified traditional technique tin the art of curing meat products that was seldom seen in America. His name is Elias Cairo. The good news is the old world is new again with our premiere company producing naturally handcrafted gourmet meat products. We always want the highest quality products for our meat products, achieving a finished product that tastes real good because of our fastidious attention to details. Our company always ensure to seek and invest in the best and the freshest ingredients and meat for our gourmet meat products. Our meats are butchered from antibiotic-free Pacific Network pork, which are hundred percent lean, adding pure, soft fat back and a reasonable amount of sea salt, fresh garlic, onions, and other freshly ground spices and herbs. This deliberate approach creates a vibrant, rich yet gentle flavor, with unique and authentic character. We believe that charcuterie is a science and an art that should be approached with precision, following the strictest meat product guidelines. Our company is proud that our cured meat are aged slowly and naturally without being rushed, cooked, incubated or irradiated. Our meat product line includes salami, sausage, deli meats and snack sticks. We sell retail and wholesale suited for different gourmet needs, special events or occasions. Please feel free to visit our website if you want to know more about our company and our products and services. On our website, you’d be able to find the various charcuterie meat shops and distributors across the country. You will also find informative and helpful blogs, gourmet recipes and price list of our gourmet meat products. We define the best cured meat products across America and the world.5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Services

5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Services

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Everything You Should Know about Gourmet Meats Gourmet foods are wide range of products from basic ingredients to exhaustively prepared dishes in a restaurant that have some superior or rare aspect. Some ingredients are deemed gourmet owing to the fact that they are exceedingly rare, expensive, or raised in a very special way. Some restaurant meals are deemed gourmet due to the skill of the chef and the detailed presentation of the food. Consumers in grocery stores are encountering an expanding selection of gourmet foods readily available on the shelves. These items are deemed gourmet in view of various reasons including the quality and freshness of the ingredients that were used. Here are a few examples of the most common gourmet meats. Gourmet Ham Gourmet ham is a cut of pork coming from the leg of the pig which is initially cooked or cured and may then be smoked to build its flavor. A gourmet cooked ham is generally smoked in hickory and maple woods in order to develop the rich flavor of the meat. Hams are accessible as bone-in, boneless or partially-boned and cuts of gourmet ham can be purchased as whole, halved, or in smaller portions. One form of gourmet ham is prosciutto, or to be very exact, prosciutto crudo. This dry-cured gourmet ham sourced from Italy is usually sliced paper thin and served uncooked. Regularly served as part of an antipasto platter, wrapped around vegetables, or stuffed in meats, prosciutto is also perfect with fresh melon or as a pizza topping.
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Kobe Beef
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Some meat are regarded as gourmet because of the manner the animal is raised Kobe beef is a great example of this. This kind of beef comes from a particular area in Japan where the cows are often massaged and fed a special diet that also features beer. The meat is valued by gourmets in Japan as well as in the US and the UK for its noteworthy taste, tenderness and fine marbling. Kobe beef is a registered trademark in Japan and must attain specific requirements before it can be called as such. Jidori Chicken Jidori expresses chicken of the earth. When Asian-fusion culinary pioneers were seeking chicken as fresh and great tasting as the fine sushi they were making, Jidori chicken was created for them. Jidori chickens are free-range and humanely raised on green small farms. They are provided a completely vegetarian diet containing natural grains with no meat by-products, and they are never given hormones, antibiotics or steroids. The advantages of its freshness can be evidenced by the creamy yet firm texture and natural chicken flavor.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Kitchen Hand Mixer It is interesting to make snacks and watch your loved ones enjoy every bite. Nevertheless, in each labor of love you will find that cooking ingredients might be a work that is very strenuous and tedious. What is the other option then? Buy a kitchen hand mixer that can help out you. Demands in the kitchen can be tough therefore having a hand mixer is likely to make your life a lot simpler. Picking out the correct one for your kitchen needs could be overwhelming since there are a lot of makes and models to choose from. Nevertheless, knowing the options that come with a mixer that can work for you’ll make your search easier. Many individuals prefer small stand mixers, some favor ones that you can hold. Hand mixers are useful in our houses since they make work easier instead of the struggle performing some house chores. The reason is that they take less space. Hand mixers are classified in accordance with their function, where they are supplied from and speed. There many factors one must consider when picking hand mixers. Some of them are listed below, and they may be listed according to different conditions and the way they perform different duties.
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The most crucial thing is the speed, some have seven speeds while eight is ideal and it will also have a slow start so as to avoid splattering. When starting to mix the ingredients, you may want to start with the speeds that are slowest to prevent dry ingredients from going all over the place.
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Another factor to take a look at is the handle, this dictates how the handle will be managed. Parallel handles are not comfortable to make use of as the handles are slanted this produces them to break easily, and that is why it is advisable to test the quality before buying hand mixers. Because you will end up holding it most of the time; you will need to be sure that the handle is durable and comfortable to work with. Overall construction is highly considered. If seams are nearer to beaters, it is recommended to look for another model because seams beg sticky and sugar is stuck not forgetting to assess how easy it will be to clean the machine. Damp clothes are utilized for great design, and great care needs to be taken. Is needs to be washed carefully to avoid damage as they’re pricey. Fantastic maintenance matters a lot to prevent more costs like of repairing and many more. Additionally, you should take a look at the warranty to make sure that the parts are covered if there’s a problem with the manufacturing of the hand mixer.

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Getting the Most and Learning How to Cook Crab Legs When it comes to preparing food, specifically speaking, crab legs, it really is important that you will have to look into the right things so the preparation of the crab legs will be done accordingly. There have been quite a number of ways to have this dish prepared and to have as much options as you could is a great way to effectively assure that you will get the most out of your investment. When it comes to cooking king crab legs, you will want to ensure that you will have it thawed in the refrigerator overnight. To have the crab legs thawed overnight is a great way for you to get the most out of it because in most cases, these things are pre-cooked and a good 5 to 10 minutes of heating should assure that the crab leg is prepared accordingly. When you are to cook the crab legs, make sure that you will only have them added within the last 5 minutes. It really is vital that you will have to look into the dish you want to have prepared ahead just so you will be able to assure that you will cook it accordingly. Over the years, there have been quite a number of ways for one to cook king crab legs and the taste of which varies greatly on your personal preferences. To know that these things are preheated is a great way for you to ensure that you have it added accordingly and on the right time to get the most out of its taste.
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It really is easy to cook crab legs today because most of the manufacturers will opt to have it pre-heated or pre-cooked so cooking will not be that hard to achieve in general. Remember that even if there are just so many ways for one to cook to the crab legs, to add them for a good ten minutes during the entire cooking process is one way to ensure that you will get as much out of it as long as taste is concerned.
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When it comes to preparing a steaming crab leg, you will want to have or add two cups of water to a boil, mixed with salt. When the water starts to boil, add the crab legs, cover the lid and wait until it boils again or just wait for around 6 minutes until you will smell a cooked aroma. When everything kicks in just about right, then the crab legs should be ready to be served.

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Ways On How To Choose A Bread Machine

When it comes to devices that food lovers love, it is the bread machine. It is now possible that everyone will be able to make bread even at home. You have to take extra careful, the moment when you are adding ingredients on a bread maker. It is the bread maker that will also help you create bread with different shapes and sizes. To mix ingredients is what people only use the device for. After that one, they will be using a traditional oven to bake the bread. In the market today, there are different devices that you can choose from. It is in this article that we will be talking about the different factors that you should consider when looking for a bread maker.

A device that will not heat up before baking id the one that you should choose. This is very important so that the loaf will rise correctly. For the type of bread that you are making, you have to make sure that the bread maker will have a number of settings. It si the French or wheat bread that you can choose from the settings. It is also possible to select how the bread will be done. It is also possible to choose the cycle which is rapid and regular.

It is as important that you will choose a bread maker that has window on top or on the side. The progress of the bread that you are baking can be seen by you through these windows. You will be able to have a number of different options that you can have when it comes to a bread maker. You have to consider also the available space that you have in your home. It is now that you can choose a number of different sized devices in the market.

It is very important that you will choose the one that will be easier to store. The daily consumption of bread and the size of the family that have is also one thing that you should be looking at. A device that has a delay timer is also a great feature. While you are out of the house, you can leave the bread while baking. It is also possible to see a device that will create a dough and not bake it.

It is by knowing the things that you want and need that will make it easier for you to choose the right bread maker for you. Devices that will remind you to add the additional ingredient are also available in the market. There are also devices that will keep the bread warm while you are not ready to eat it. A bread maker that will control the crust is the one that you can also choose.


Coffee For Your Health

Many of us rely on coffee to get us going in the mornings, wake us up in the afternoons, and prepare us for that special business meeting. Go ahead, have a cup of coffee. It’s much healthier than you may be thinking right now.

Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world. No matter where you go, coffee is usually available. Yet, until recently there’s been very little research on the effects of coffee on our health. The researcher’s are waking up however. There have recently been studies completed on a variety of health benefits to drinking that simply delicious cup of coffee.

In a study in Italy, it was proven that that brewed coffee contains many antioxidants and consumption of antioxidant-rich brewed coffee may inhibit diseases caused by oxidative damages. When compared to other caffeine containing beverages like tea and cocoa, coffee proved to be the best in helping to prevent disease.

Caffeine in Coffee – Good or Bad?

The caffeine in coffee has often been a source of concern for many. Most people have problems sleeping when they drink coffee right before bedtime. Others will drink coffee to give them that boost of energy caffeine provides. Some even feel their heart rate increase if they drink too much coffee.

Did you know there are also benefits to the caffeine found in coffee? Coffee intake ( due to the caffeine) was associated with a significantly lower risk for Alzheimer’s Disease, independently of other possible confounding variables. These results, with future prospective studies, may have a major impact on the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

Another benefit of drinking coffee has been studied in China. Their research clinically proved the caffeine in coffee helps to prevent Parkinson’s disease. Many of us have been led to believe that caffeine is bad for us. True enough, large quantities may hurt us, but the evidence is strong for the benefits it provides.

Coffee – Healthy Tonic for the Liver?

Studies completed in Japan indicated that people who drink more than a cup of coffee a day are less likely to develop liver cancer than those who do not, Japanese researchers say. Coffee also helped lower the risk of cirrhosis of the liver. Chlorogenic acid present in coffee beans has been proven in studies to also reduce the risk of liver cancer.

Harvard Medical School completed a study in 2004 that strongly suggest coffee has preventative qualities for Type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance. The authors found an inverse association between coffee intake and type 2 diabetes after adjustment for age, body mass index, and other risk factors. Total caffeine intake from coffee and other sources was associated with a statistically significantly lower risk for diabetes in both men and women. These data suggest that long-term coffee consumption is associated with a statistically significantly lower risk for type 2 diabetes.

Coffee and Physical Fitness

The amounts of water, carbohydrate and salt that athletes are advised to consume during exercise are based upon their effectiveness in preventing both fatigue as well as illness due to hyperthermia, dehydration or hyper hydration. The old issues concerning coffee and caffeine were that it acts as a diuretic, thus causing more fluid loss during activity. Studies have caused researchers to re think this point. These studies suggest that consuming caffeine does not have this effect and can even have beneficial

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Advantages of Restaurants Today, there are dozens of new restaurants that are opening their doors to the public. The reason why there are so many new restaurants opening up is because everyone is starting to love eating out at restaurants. A lot of people are starting to eat out at restaurants instead of at home because they find that they can enjoy quite a lot of advantages when they eat out. However, some people might be wondering what exactly advantages they can enjoy if they eat out instead of at home. Right now, let’s have a quick look at some of the many reasons why a lot of people are starting to eat out instead, and the advantages that they enjoy in doing so. Everyone that decides to eat out instead of eating at home will really like the fact that all the food that they will eat will be prepared by a professional chef. Everyone who eats out will enjoy the fact that their food will be professionally prepared and it will be very, very delicious indeed, because it was prepared by a professional chef! Some people attempt to replicate restaurant cooking, however, most of the time it is very difficult to do this, because it is hard to get the same taste that a chef can get. Everyone who wants to have a really delicious dinner, lunch, or any other meal of the day should certainly eat out at a restaurant. Everyone who eats out will not only enjoy the fact that their food will taste really, really good, but they will also enjoy a lot of other benefits. People who eat at a restaurant will also enjoy the fact that it is very convenient. When someone decides to eat at a restaurant, the need to cook food for himself or herself is no longer there. Cooking can actually take up a lot of time and effort to do right. And if you are a quick cook, then you food will never be very good. This is not the case when people eat at a restaurant however, they can get a good meal quickly, conveniently, and that meal will not compromise quality at all.
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Everyone who eats at restaurants also enjoys the benefit that they can choose from a whole variety of choices for their meals. People who have tried cooking for themselves have probably found that it is quite difficult to diversify their meals, and they often end up cooking the same things every time. Someone who chooses restaurant eating will find that they will never get bored of a dish, because there are so many things to try! And if you have tried everything at a restaurant’s menu, you can easily try the next restaurant! Someone who eats at a restaurant never has to worry about getting bored of what they are eating, because there is always something new to try.The Key Elements of Great Businesses